Just a few pictures of the instillation in Lexington, KY.  This Cheddar's restaurant has been open for a few years so the tank was custom made to fit between the bar and the dining room.  Cheddar's are open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner so the project was started Sunday evening after the last guest finished dinner and finished before the lunch crowd came in Monday morning.

Things got started at the fish wholesaler Sunday afternoon.

125 large African cichlids were bagged with oxygen and put into coolers

About 10:00 Sunday evening we got started tearing out the old liquor cabinet.

The bar side was a big job, we had to move the existing beer coolers and construct a stand

Next step, bust open the crate that housed the 12 foot long tank.

As soon as we got the tank on the stand I had to jump right in and mix the gravel

All the plants and decorations were aquascaped before the water went in.

Waiting for water

After an all-nighter the fish were finally put in about 6:00 AM

The view from the dining room