2-oz. Emperor Filter Cartridges, 4-oz. Refillable Media Containers, and Spray Bar Driven BIO-Wheels® Certified Flow: 280GPH

 Flow and filtration efficiencies unmatched by other filters in their class; as much as twice the filter cartridge capacity; additional chemical filtration capability; extra effective, spray bar-driven BIO-Wheel® wet/dry biological filtration... The Emperor filtration systems truly are the future of advanced aquarium technology.

The Emperor systems feature not one pump (as in ordinary power filters), but two separate water pumps. The Flow Pump directs water through the entire multi-stage filtration system. The BIO-Pump pressurizes and sends streams of prefiltered, oxygen-rich water through he adjustable spray bars to power each BIO-Wheel®.

And... The Emperor's unique, patent pending design allows the BIO-Pump to continue powering the BIO-Wheels® even when Flow Pump output is reduced by the convenient One-Touch Flow Control.



Two 2-oz. Emperor Filter Cartridges, Two 4-oz. Refillable Media Containers, and Two Spray Driven BIO-Wheels®. Certified Flow: 400 GPH


  • Heavy Duty Emperor Filter Cartridge Delivers two ounces of activated carbon filtration and 45% more mechanical filter area. Traps more dirt and debris as it removes harmful contaminants.

  • Refillable Media Container holds an additional four ounces of activated carbon or other chemical filtration media to maximize pollution removal capacity.

  • Extra Large Spray Bar-Driven BIO-Wheel® delivers classic wet/dry biological filtration capacity to any new or existing system... large or small.

  • Worry-Free, Epoxy-Sealed Motor is U/L listed, CSA available. Moisture proof to ensure safe operation.

  • Indicator Windows and Two-Way Hinged Cover provide easy system access and servicing convenience.